What is the strongest joinery joint?

Joinery is a really important part of interior design and the aesthetic appeal any space has. This can be especially true for commercial joinery, where the fittings and furnishings in your business impact your brand image. If you’re planning a commercial joinery project, it’s best to know a bit more about what is involved first. This means you can choose the best options and get the results you desire.

One thing to think about is which is the strongest wood joint in joinery. Picking the strongest joint for any commercial project is key, as this means the finished item will last longer and be safer to use. But what is usually thought of as the strongest wood joint?

Mortice and tenon joint

A mortice and tenon joint is generally recognised as the toughest around. As a result, they are sensible to use for commercial joinery projects. In simple terms, it allows two pieces of wood to be connected together. It has been used for many years in joinery and is particularly handy when the two pieces of wood connect to each other at right angles.

Diagram of a mortise (on left) and tenon joint

Mortise and tenon joint. GreyCat, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How does it work?

The mortice and tenon joint is pretty simple in its basic form. It comprises two components – the tenon tongue and the mortice hole. The tenon is formed at the end of a piece of wood known as the rail. This then fits into a rectangular or square hole (the mortice) on a corresponding piece of wood. The tenon is cut to match the mortice space perfectly and give a tight fit. Once in place, the joint is usually wedged, pinned or glued in place.

Why else is it so popular?

We know that the stability and strength of a mortice and tenon joint makes it popular, but what other advantages does it have for commercial joinery? Perhaps the best one is the attractive finish it gives and the neat look it has. This means any finished item it’s used on looks stylish and chic. It is also a very versatile style of joint and can be used for a variety of commercial joinery projects. This includes everything from tables and seats to cabinets and benches.

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