What is the most expensive wood?

At JCM, we create a range of products in a variety of different woods, so we know that woods like timber are popular due to their strength and cheap price. However, the demand for rarer woods is growing.

Different woods have different characteristics, making them suitable for different jobs. This could be for a number of reasons, including the wood’s strength, colour, aesthetic, or even how rare it is. Due to these different characteristics, wood prices can vary, as timber prices are constantly shifting, but in this post, we’ll be talking about the most expensive wood in the world.

African Blackwood

Photo of African blackwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world.

African blackwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world. This is mostly thanks to its unique texture and rich, dark colour.

Found in countries in central and southern Africa, African blackwood is an extremely dense and strong wood, so much so that it is not uncommon for it to blunt, dull and break tools when working with it. It is often used to make musical instruments, but loose harvesting rules in Africa mean that this beautiful wood is sadly under threat of extinction.

Black wenge

Black wenge wood

Black wenge is also found in central Africa, and to the untrained eye, it looks similar to African blackwood. It has a similar dark hue, but is truly a dark brown colour, while African blackwood is black.

It comes in at 1,930lb on the Janka scale, meaning it is also extremely durable, and it is also known to blunt very sharp tools when working with it. It has a naturally low lustre and a coarser grain but is commonly used for furniture, panelling and musical instruments.

Why should you purchase wood from certified sustainable sources?

The key when purchasing items made of wood is to make sure that the wood your product is made from is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. They are an international, non-governmental organisation, whose aim is to ensure the world’s forests are being managed responsibly. Look for their little green tree logo to ensure your wood has been sustainably harvested.

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