What is the difference between a joiner and a carpenter?

Joiner and carpenter are two occupations that often get mixed up or are considered interchangeable. However, although both joinery and carpentry use similar materials and many skills are transferable across these professions, there are definite differences between the two disciplines. To choose the right joiner to create your next bespoke piece, it’s key to know what a joiner does precisely. So, here is our guide to the difference between a joiner and a carpenter:

What does a joiner do?

As the name suggests, a joiner is a person who joins wood together. This can be to create all manner of bespoke pieces, such as fitted storage solutions, custom seating, window frames, wall panelling and staircases. All of which and more the experts here at JCM Fine Joinery can deliver commercial projects using sustainably sourced, premium quality wood.

A joiner primarily crafts their pieces in a workshop off-site and often uses large machines to help create their work, such as circular saws or lathes. As a result, joiners are rarely present on-site where they will install the pieces.

What does a carpenter do?

The main difference between a carpenter and a joiner is that a carpenter primarily works on-site using small hand tools to fit pieces that a joiner has made elsewhere.

However, as well as fulfilling that role, carpenters are also highly skilled at assembling floors, roof trusses and stud work for buildings. They are experts at fitting and assembling wooden structures.

For a truly flawless and beautifully crafted wooden piece, both the joiner and carpenter involved must be experts in their field. This is especially the case when it comes to bespoke, custom-built pieces designed to suit a specific space perfectly.

Fortunately, our team of professional joiners are true craftsmen who finish every piece to an excellent standard, ensuring that your designs come to life just as you envisioned. To discover the true variety of what we can do and see how JCM Fine Joinery can help you with your next project, take a look at our range of bespoke commercial joinery.

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