What is joinery?

When it comes to renovating or updating your commercial property, it can be a little confusing as to whether you need a joiner or a carpenter. To help clarify, here’s a look at what joinery is, and what the difference between the two trades is.

What is joinery?

Joinery is the art of constructing items in a workshop. Therefore, a joiner will create bespoke pieces in their workshop by joining pieces of wood together. Joinery encompasses all aspects of woodwork, starting from small projects right through to large scale, intricately detailed pieces. From furniture and doors to floors, commercial cabinets and desks, joinery work is all around us.

A carpenter will install the joiner’s handiwork at their destined site, usually on larger construction projects. Both joinery and carpentry sit hand in hand and it’s possible that your project will need to involve both traders. Your joiner may be able to create the beautiful, custom made piece you requested, but they may also need the expertise of a carpenter to get it installed.

Benefits of joinery

When it comes to designing and creating your business, bespoke joinery is the perfect way to give it a personalised touch. As everything is made from scratch, every element can be designed to your specifications, for one-off items that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also a big benefit if you’re working with an awkward space where standard furniture won’t fit. Here at JCM, we use the innovative CAD digital drawing platform so you can see your ideas come to life before they are built.

If that wasn’t enough, wood is actually one of the most sustainable materials you can choose, which is amazing if you’re looking to keep your business on the greener side. Plus, it’s a great insulator, so opting for wooden doors can cut down your energy bills.

When you’re taking on a project, opting for joiners will allow you to create custom made designs that are built to suit your space and your business needs. Want to know more about JCM’s commercial bespoke fine joinery? Get in touch for more information or for your personalised quote.

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