What is joinery in construction?

Unlike a carpenter, a joiner is an occupation you hear mentioned a lot less. Whilst the trades are arguably similar, both roles vary in their duties. Carpenters work is orientated in constructing materials, specifically wood, to make them fit for a certain purpose or piece of furniture. A joiner focuses on joining pieces of wood together, hence the name.

You may be considering renovation work or looking for a tradesperson to complete some construction work you are managing. If this is the case, then you have probably heard of the term ‘joiner’ or ‘joinery’. To help you understand the kind of craftspeople you might need to hire and the work you might require for a project, we’ll explain what exactly joinery in construction is.

What is joinery in construction?

Joinery in construction is the construction of materials, furniture or fittings by fitting pieces of wood together usually in commercial or industrial settings. Whilst it might sound trivial, joinery is almost everywhere you look. Joinery is required in most, if not all buildings, and is usually found on door structures, staircases and flooring.

Joinery can entail the combining of two or more pieces of wood, often on a much larger scale, which is often the case in construction. The purpose of joinery in construction is to help ensure strong and secure structures. When a structure is joined by a professional and knowledgable joiner it should be built to last and withhold any weight imposed upon it.

Where do joiners in construction work?

You may find that joiners will be working on the same project as a carpenter is. However, you will often find a joiner working in a workshop. It is in this space that they will join the materials for construction together. Once the joiner has finished their part of the job, the carpenter will then construct it on the site of the project.

Need a skilled joiner for construction work?

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