Machining Services

  • Panels Cut to Size

    Using wood-cutting software, our horizontal beam saw transfers your cutting instructions and patterns, resulting in precisely cut finished panels.

    The beam saw produces computer-controlled cutting with a guaranteed accuracy of +/- 0.5mm, converting your panels into finished sizes. On top of that, we run quality checks to guarantee the consistency and precision of your cut to size panels.

  • Curved and Profiled Panels

    Using our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router machinery, we can provide panels that aren’t just rectangular and flat. Your panels can be curved or shaped to your designs and we can also create profiled panels, where detailing is either etched into the face or created as a 3D relief.

    Use our CNC router machining service to enhance your panels, finishing them with all manner of designs, whether you want plain and simple, or detailed and intricate.

    The automated process using a CNC router is faster and more accurate than manual cutting and router work. With up to 70% faster production turnarounds, your panels can be shaped and machined more quickly than if they were done by hand.

  • Edge-banding

    Our edge-banding machinery will apply a smooth, sealed finish to the exposed edges of your panels, increasing durability and giving a smart, finished look to your panels.

    We can edge-band your plywood, MDF or particleboard panels in ABS, veneer or solid wood. We work with panels from 10mm to 60mm thick and we can apply a square or rounded finish to your decorative trims.

We use two methods of material fabrication forming to create smooth, solid surfaces and functional commercial items.

Chiefly used for countertops and worktops, these solid surface materials can also be manufactured into items for your commercial and retail applications. We can create your sinks and vanity units, reception desks, tables, wall cladding, bars, cash desks, signage and display systems.

Material Fabrication: Corian®

As a DuPont™ certified and approved fabricator, we manufacture a variety of furniture and commercial interior fit-outs and installations using Corian®.

If you want versatile and elegant furniture and interior design pieces, we can manufacture them using Corian®. It is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, retail outlets and other commercial premises.

Corian® is available in a range of tones and colours and is non-porous and impervious to water. This means it is resistant to stains, mildew and mould, making it a particularly hygienic option for use in washrooms, bathrooms and showers.

Material Fabrication: Post Forming

For smooth, rounded edges on your boards and countertops, we can produce bespoke-made post-formed panels in all types of laminate.

We fabricate quality post-formed panels quickly, efficiently and effectively. And we manufacture them using a variety of laminates, affording you a great deal of flexibility in your designs.

Post-formed boards are made by applying a curved profile along the board edge. Thanks to this attractive, rounded finish and seamless facing, laminated post-formed boards are mainly used as countertops and worktops. But their sleek, smooth edging brings a clean finish to any project, making post-formed boards a versatile choice. We use them for many other applications, and have, for example, incorporated them into furniture, wall panels and desking.

Material Fabrication

Bespoke spray and lacquer finishes

You may want to leave your products in their natural, beautiful timber form, or treat them with durable coatings and finishes.

We have our own spray and lacquer station to enable us to apply the perfect finish to your products, using high volume spraying equipment.

We can spray finish your products in clear or tinted lacquer, or in a range of bespoke-coloured paints. Large areas and intricate details alike can be spray finished, and we can colour-match lacquers and paints to precise shades.

CAD Design

If you commission us for our commercial fine joinery or material fabrication forming services you will no doubt be presenting your plans to us via a CAD drawing.

While CAD drawings offer very detailed, 3D illustrations, they are not always comprehensive enough for joinery or for the manufacture of commercial furniture and interiors pieces.

We are able to optimise your product designs using design for manufacturing (DFM) principles. Our joiners and craftsmen are skilled in their professions, meaning they know how to apply DFM in a way that produces optimal CAD designs for use in joinery and the manufacture of material fabrication formed products.

The application of DFM at the design stage helps to facilitate the manufacturing process for us. Applying DFM principles flags up potential problems during the design process. And it’s during this phase that it is best to address any issues. Fixing problems at this stage reduces production costs at the point in the entire manufacturing process where it is most cost-effective to do so.

This allows us to ensure there’s no money wasted on your projects through time-consuming design changes. We ensure we capture any snagging issues for you – and solve them as well.

Flat Bonding

We use flat bonding to apply and mount various materials to the wood products we use. We can flat bond a variety of laminate surfaces to create boards for use in washroom cubicles and other commercial joinery projects.

We can manufacture laminate boarding with a variety of finishes for multiple uses. For example, you may require heat-resistant laminates for commercial kitchen settings, or adhesive that is strong enough to bond mirror or aluminium surfaces to your board.

We can also flat bond to all sorts of wood substrates, including particle board, plywood and MDF.

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