An out of this world commission

James Webb Space Telescope Inspired Wall Mirror

The team at JCM Fine Joinery recently completed a bespoke project for a customer that was out of this world. A commission to create a James Webb Space Telescope wall mirror landed at the feet of our very experienced joinery team. Read on to see how our team at JCM achieved this and to see the finished product.

James Webb Space Telescope

For those among us who are not familiar with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), it is the most powerful telescope ever launched into space, capable of detecting the most distant objects in the observable universe. A highly sensitive deep-space telescope developed by NASA, the total cost of the JWST program sits at $10 billion USD. The telescope’s mission is to capture evidence of the first galaxies formed in the earliest stages of the universe.

Design & construction

The idea for this bespoke mirror came from artists (and fellow makers) James Kiefer and Ryan Kramer, in dedication to the recently launched telescope. Our client saw what they’d created and got in touch with JCM to assist in creating this iconic wall mirror for themselves.

Using JCM’s CNC router and a ½ inch piece of MDF, the outline of the mirror was precisely cut out. Next, nineteen 2mm deep pockets were routed to house the hexagonal mirror panes that would later be fitted. Once JCM had cut the outline of the mirror and routed the pockets, the base of the mirror was spray-painted black. All the painting necessary to complete this piece was completed in JCM’s spray painting booth, creating a high-quality and consistent finish.

Lastly, the gold acrylic mirror pieces were sourced and fitted securely into the 2mm deep pockets. The finished product is immediately recognisable and really does capture the image of the JWST accurately.

Bespoke service

The customer was incredibly happy with their finished James Webb Space Telescope wall mirror, and the Team at JCM really enjoyed working on this project. Contact our friendly team at JCM Fine Joinery to find out how we can make your dream joinery projects a reality, today!

Photo of a James Webb Space Telescope Style Wall Mirror

Watch the JWST wall mirror being manufactured


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