How to layout office toilets

How to layout an office toilet

Offices come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, but they all need to adhere to certain regulations to ensure they are complying with health and safety guidelines. Whether it is a workforce of 5 or 500, it is vital that your office toilets are laid out correctly.

How many toilets?

We will look at some of the considerations that go into office toilet layout, but we would strongly recommend using a professional design team such as JCM Fine Joinery to get the job done right. A poorly implemented office toilet design is bound to cause problems down the road, so trust the experts today.

How many people are in the office?

One of the biggest factors when it comes to proper office toilet design is the number of staff in the office. Regulations will vary depending on if the toilets are unisex or separate for men and women.

To properly answer this question, you need to consider the overall design of the space, which will include lighting and ventilation. Bringing in our team of designers will allow you to find the right cubicle for your needs. Check out the three ranges of quality, finished washroom cubicles we offer.

How many washbasins?

This is generally tied to the number of toilets, but there are more general options available such as wash troughs that can facilitate multiple people. A well-planned office toilet design that includes washbasins will make cleaning and maintenance much simpler.

Does it provide disability access?

Being mindful of the regulations surrounding disabled access to toilets is a huge aspect of office toilet design. From installing rails to providing suitable accessible toilets, there are lots of ways to provide suitable disability access.

To find out more about proper office toilet layout, or to discuss our washroom cubicle solutions at JCM Fine Joinery, contact us today.

If you’re unsure about how many toilets you require for your workplace, we’ve created a handy table for you to reference below.

Mixed-use or women only facilities

Number of toilets and washbasins for mixed use (or women only)
Number of people at workNumber of toiletsNumber of washbasins
26-50 33
51-754 4
76-1005 5

As a rule of thumb, there should be one basin for every toilet in your workplace. For smaller workforces comprised of between 1 and 5 people, the legal requirements for toilets in workplace UK is one, with a single basin. For a staff of between 6 and 25, there should be two toilets, while a larger workforce of between 26 and 50 would require three. Between 51 and 75, that number rises to four and between 76 and 100, that number rises again to five.

Men’s washrooms and urinals

Toilets used by men only:
Number of men at workNumber of toiletsNumber of urinals

When it comes to urinals in male toilets, there should be at least one for a workforce of between 1 and 30 employees, two for a staff of 31 to 60 men and three for between 61 and 90. Above that, you would need a minimum of four. You should also include toilets at a ratio of one for between 1 and 15 employees, two for between 16 and 45 staff members, three for between 46 and 75 and four for between 76 and 100.

It is vital that employers provide adequate facilities for the workplace, which includes toilets and washbasins. Keeping up with regulations is more than the law – it is a step towards a fairer, more inclusive workplace. If you’re interested in upgrading your toilet facilities in the office, contact JCM Fine Joinery today.


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