Guide to toilet cubicle sizes

If you’re in the process of setting up or renovating a business, one essential that you need to consider in your plans are the toilets. Did you know that there are actually guidelines for UK toilet cubicle dimensions? Here’s our essential guide to toilet cubicle size.

Recommended standard public toilet dimensions

It is recommended that standard cubicle toilets from toilet cubicles manufacturers should have a manoeuvring space of at least a 450mm diameter. The internal dimensions should be a width of 800mm and a depth of 1,500mm. The cubicle door traditionally opens inward and should have an opening that is around 600mm wide.

Ambulant disabled cubicle toilet

All public toilet facilities should include at least one ambulant cubicle for disabled users. If you’re working with a small space and only have room for one cubicle, you’ll need to make this suitable for ambulant disabled users. Unlike standard cubicles, this style should have a door that opens outwards and grab rails on either side of the facilities.

The standard dimensions for this type of cubicle are a width of 850mm and a depth of 1,500mm, with a minimum of 800mm between the surfaces.

Enlarged toilet cubicle

If you’ve got a larger space to play with and can fit in four or more cubicles, one of them will need to be an enlarged toilet cubicle. As well as a door that opens outwards, you will need to add both horizontal and vertical grab rails around the toilet itself.

These toilet cubicle dimensions should be 1,210mm wide by 1,500mm deep, with a minimum of 1,200mm between the surfaces. You can include baby changing facilities in these enlarged cubicles, but make sure you do this in both the male and female rooms.

Wheelchair accessible room

If you’re opting for a wheelchair-accessible toilet room rather than a cubicle, it will need a 950mm wide, outward opening door. The room needs to have a width of at least 2,220mm and a depth of at least 1,500mm. Bear in mind that these measurements are taken from the front of the IPS panel that will house your disabled toilet cistern, so the room itself will need to be larger than this.

Now you know the size of your WC cubicle needs to be, it’s time to find a supplier. Here at JCM, we produce modular toilet cubicles that are hygienic, waterproof, durable and, most importantly, to your exact specifications. For further information, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Diagram for UK toilet cubicle dimensions

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