Guide to disabled toilet dimensions

We know that you want everyone to be able to navigate your business premises safely, which is why when it comes to designing your space, you need to consider accessibility. This is especially important when it comes to bathroom facilities. Did you know that there is actually a required size for disabled toilet rooms and that you need to consider additional factors such as accessible toilet door widths? Here is our guide to standard disabled toilet dimensions, so you know exactly what you need to consider.

What are the recommended disabled toilet dimensions UK-wide?

The height of a standard toilet is generally around 430mm, while a wheelchair seat has a height of around 480mm. That height difference may not seem like very much, but it can make it extremely difficult to manoeuvre when you need to raise yourself using your upper body strength. For this reason, you need to install a toilet specifically for those with additional accessibility needs.

Accessible toilet dimensions reflect that of the average wheelchair seat. Not having one of these toilets in your business could result in an accident as someone attempts to get from their chair to the toilet.

Other disabled WC dimensions and features to consider

As well as an accessible toilet, grab rails are also essential. You should have vertical and horizontal wall-mounted rails, as well as a drop-down rail that can be easily accessed from a seated position. The drop-down rail allows room to manoeuvre from the wheelchair to the toilet. The sink should also be accessible from a seated position and may need to be within reach of the toilet for some users.

What are the guidelines on disabled toilet door widths UK?

Now that you’ve made your toilet facilities compliant, you need to make sure that your customers can actually get to them by having an accessible toilet door width. Outside of the door, you need to leave at least 1.5sqm of manoeuvring space, but more than this would be ideal if possible.

The recommended disabled toilet door size is at least 950mm. The door should open outwards, leaving a 900mm door opening to go through. Ensure that the door handles are different to the colour of the door and are easy to use for people with limited strength and dexterity. If you want to double-check this, try opening the door yourself with a closed fist to get a general idea.

When it comes to choosing a supplier for your toilets, you need someone who can combine accessible guidelines with your own requirements. At JCM contracts, we specialise in public toilet facilities that are safe, built to last and, of course, meet accessible WC dimensions and regulations. Want to know more? Get in touch with our expert team today.

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