Guide to commercial shower cubicle sizes

If you are currently constructing a leisure centre or business centre, it is imperative that you spend some time thinking about the building’s facilities. Most commercial units require shower facilities or washroom facilities.

If you are unsure about the appropriate public shower cubicle dimensions, take a look at the guide below to understand different commercial shower cubicle sizes and features.

Single person shower cubicle size

Shower Cubicle Sizes

If you are installing showers into a building, it is important that you take the privacy of future customers into account. Customers will be unwilling to use your facilities if they do not have adequate privacy. Instead of investing in communal shower cubicles, you should consider investing in more private single-person shower cubicles.

The typical size of a single person shower cubicle is 2000mm X 1000mm. When building, it is essential that there is a floor incline and drainage under the showerhead. This makes sure that there is no stagnant water lying around, which will keep the facilities clean and sanitary.

If you are thinking about installing communal shower spaces instead, you should only put these in facilities where privacy is not so much of an issue.

Disabled shower cubicle size

Disabled shower cubicle sizes

In any building, it is imperative that you include facilities for disabled individuals. A disabled cubicle is designed and created so that a wheelchair user can easily access the facilities. The usual size of disabled commercial shower cubicles should be at least 2000mm by 2200mm, and a 500mm by 500mm tip-up shower seat should be placed in the corner.

When designing and building a disabled shower cubicle, you need to make sure that it is accessible. Make sure to provide a privacy curtain, rails for support, and install an emergency pull-cord in case of emergencies.

The door should also have a minimum clearance of 875mm so that wheelchair users can easily access the shower room.

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